Cleopatra Reception Desk Area Combo | Reception Desk |

$ 2,475.00

Reception Desk | Reception Set Up Combo

Reception Set Up Combo featuring a reception desk, corner unit and showcase.
Upgradable & down gradable option – ask for details.

Available in any standard laminate color.
Dimensions: 42″h x 78″w x 66″d (may change by request)

Customize your salon cabinets! Just like the clients you serve, there is not just one style that fits all. Salon Designers LA manufactures high end, dependable salon cabinets with a variety of options to choose from.

From the tried-and-true black laminate to upscale patterns such as color core or traceless finishes, Salon Designers LA will find the right color scheme to complement your salon.

With our custom capabilities, we can even use customer supplied material to furnish private homes or studios.

It is not just the laminate color that can be changed. Salon Designers LA can customize any dimensions as well, to fit perfectly any space.

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