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These terms and conditions apply to all orders and transactions. No exceptions.

Estimations are valid for 30 days. All C.O.D orders will be shipped cash or cashier check only.

Each item has been explained to me by one of   SDLA representatives, and it is to my desired liking and specifications. To verify that all items ordered are to your desire & specifications, all orders are available for inspection one day prior to delivery. Any discrepancies must be handled prior to completion delivery. SDLA does not accept any returns or exchanges after delivery and/or installation.

SDLA cannot be responsible for any labor charges resulting from wrong ordered merchandise or damages after delivery and/or installation is completed Liability to any discrepancies is limited to the replacement of the specific item.

A 50% deposit is required to start production and manufacturing of any order. Once deposit is received towards merchandise, it is non refundable and non transferable. There is a $35.00 service charge for each returned check. Balance is due upon delivery and/or installation whether customer may be leasing, financing or paying cash for the equipment.

Sizes and colors are to be approved and verified upon ordering. No changes are allowed after 72 hours from placing the order. Once order is processed customer is not entitled to any refunds. No Exchanges/ and no Returns on special orders.

Credit issued only on returned merchandise, no refunds. There is a 25% restocking charge applied on items returned and accepted for credit towards new merchandise.

SDLA is not responsible for items left at its premises for over 30 days past the original delivery and/or installation date. Merchandise left at SDLA premises for 60 days or more past the original delivery and/or installation date, is subject to a 5% monthly warehouse fees.

All delivery & installation charges are “extra” charges, unless otherwise specified or noted on the order. Installation of merchandise purchased does NOT include any plumbing or electrical work. SDLA is NOT licensed to provide plumbing and/or electrical services.

Used and Floor Sample Items are sold in “AS IS” condition and all sales are final. Any return/exchange will be at the sole discretion of SDLA.

ALL EQUIPMENT PURCHASED MUST BE PAID IN FULL UPON DELIVERY IN FORM OF C.C., CASH or Cashier Check. Any exception to the above must be approved prior to delivery by SDLA.

By browsing Salon Designers LA website you acknowledge our Terms & Conditions along with our Installation and Delivery agreements.


ALL Electrical and plumbing work MUST to be completed before delivery & installation of merchandise. Any exceptions MUST be approved by SDLA prior to delivery & installation.

Customer is responsible for ALL additional charges resulting from delays in completion of electrical and plumbing work, as well as Re-scheduling of delivery & installation date.

SDLA has the right to charge a storage/warehouse fee in the event of extended delays in the delivery & installation of equipment, exceeding 14 days from original date.

SDLA has the right to cancel/reschedule delivery & installation of merchandise if customer does not provide all necessary conditions for such delivery & installation to occur such as, but not limited to:

Customer delay in allowing SDLA access to the space, exceeding  15min. from scheduled time

All electrical & plumbing outlets, to match specifications provided by SDLA

Imperfection of the space, such as walls not being straight, floors not being completed or leveled, electrical boxes not in designated spaces, plumbing lines not in place

Additional Crews working in the space, limiting and delaying the delivery & installation process.

SDLA   has the right to charge overtime labor fee for any delays in the delivery & installation process caused by outside factors and circumstances, as stated above. Regular delivery & installation hours are Mon-Fri 9-5pm. Any exceptions must be approved by SDLA prior to delivery.

At the completion of the installation process, customer shall inspect all of the equipment installed with SDLA representative to ensure that merchandise is free of damage or manufacturer’s defects.

SDLA  will not be held responsible for any damages or defects on merchandise delivered & installed after customer has fully inspected and approved all items on day of delivery. Any replacement or modification expense after final approval of all merchandise will be at customer’s expense.

SDLA, and its associates, reserves the right to postpone/cancel delivery and/or installation if ANY or ALL OF THE ABOVE CONDITIONS ARE NOT COMPLETELY MET.

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