Celebrity Prime Electric Sofa 3P | Gamma Shampoo Unit |

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Gamma Shampoo Unit |Triple unit. With electric footrest, sliding and adjustable white bowl, Black Vinyl color.

This modern design shampoo station with electrical footrest and tilt and slide ceramic bowl makes it easy for customers to feel relaxed. The ceramic bowl can be fit for clients comfort needs and use the electrical footrest to raise their feet for maximum relaxation. The rounded arm rests accentuate the design to make your salon stand out in taste and design. The plumbing for this unit is done through the floor, so the stylist can stand behind the chair making it easy to work with the client. Plumbing on side available upon request.

Ceramic bowl (black or white) includes hose, sprayer and faucet. Chair only available in black vinyl. Made in Italy.

Dimensions: 49.2/65″W x 31.1″D x 37″H